First when i got to Fenwick Pier me and my dad and my brother and a guy who actually worked on the ship and his name is Todd. He was our tour guide and we got a private tour of the ship. At first some of my dads friends came then Leline and then Dawson and his brother and his dad last was some special guest. When we were all here our ferry arrived and it was like a 45min bout ride to the carrier. Finally we arrived at the carrier first we went to hanger-bay #1 i saw 3 jets and there were some engraving on the plane the engraving was a name of a squadron and I saw pilots. Then we made our way to a place where they fix and set up planes and helicopters. I saw a engine of a jet and it was huge. then we went to Todd's office,Todd is the Safety Officer of the ship for 4000 people. When we went on the Flight Deck when we were on there i saw planes in formation then we made our way to the helicopters everyone got to go on inside and it was really cool. The floor on the deck was really slippery and there was grease and oil. Then we made our way to the control tower were the boss tells the plane's to move . then we went to the mess hall with all the food we did not get to eat any inside there was a movie playing and it was underdog. Then we went to the place were the tech people keep in touch with the pilots. then we went back to hanger-bay#1. When we were at the hanger-bay we talked and I tried to outsmart Dawson dad because if 1 bomb on the ship blew up then the hole ship would blow up and we argued then we took a group picture in front of the American flag after that we had to go :( :( :(
Yesterday I had to watch the princess and the frog :(, because my sisters friend was going to come over but she was sick on the day so me and my older broher had to go with her so that was boring. Basicly the movie is about this dark magic guy and the shadow people are angry at him so the dark magic guy need to pay him back and the  way the dark magic guy is going to pay him back is to be a rich guy so he uses the prince and he gets turnned into a frog and the servent gets turned into the prince.
I am back on my holiday blog and it is chinese new year he is a video of the school assembly to refresh your mind of shines new year assembly 2010 Hong Kong Academy