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Yesterday I went to Hong Kong Disney land with my friends and my family.The first thing that we did was wacth the parde the title of it was Let It Snow,I wacthed it and it was very well done they actully made it sonw from the top of the buildings so it was cool.after that we went to space moutain when my friends and I went to go see the line it was a 25 min waiting time,lukly my friends and I saw the line for the single rider's and it was a 5 min wait so we did the single rider but the thing is with single rides you would be pared up with someeone you dont even know.My frineds and I went on it like 10 times but we took breaks after 3 to go on the Astro Blaster (Buzz Lightyer Ride) my frined and I would pair up and battle my other frineds,that was really fun.when it was like 7:00 my frineds and i went in the little water park and we got soaking wet!! After that it was time to go and so we went to the gift shop and it was exspensive just for a little toy it was $150,when my mom and my sister was in the shop my friends and i trided to get as much sonw on us as possible.Last but not least it was tim e to go and I got home like at 9:00.
well today I was out in a toy shop and I found a santa coustume,then I started trying it on so then I bought it when I went to olivers the food shop to get some candy after that I went home then my plan was going in action,I got dressed into the santa costume then took the cand and put it into a bag after that i made my way down to club house and pretended that i was Santa and so I gave out candy.
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I am so excited for the holidays because I get to spend time with my family and I get out from school to relax and just have fun with my family.

How about you!!!!!!

I will spend most of my blogging over the holiday in this bog and maybe some n the main blog