This year I am in the standard mandarin class. This year I have learned that Mandarin games can help me with my learning in quizlet games help me to learn so durring the summer I can practice with quizlet. I think that the games help me memorize of what to write like if there was doctor I would type in 医生 (yi sheng) so the games help with memorization click here to see one of my scores for the game

This year we have used voicetheread allot so i would like to share that click here to see all of the voicethreads

I have not achieved my mandarin Goals but i have some new goal #1- To keep up with mandarin during the summer i will go on quizlet and play the game.



我还没有达到我的普通话目标,但我有一些新的目标#1 - 为了保持暑假期间,我将继续与普通话quizlet和玩游戏。
Family tree 系族樹 here is my mandarin teachers website
Here is m mandarin Video hope you like it :)
My Mandarin Goal   我的普通話目標

-(Short Term) I need to work on my characters so i am going to write 1 character every night

-(Long Term) I would like to pass the first semester test so I will speak,write chinese every night 
- (長期)我希望通過第一個學期測試,因此我每晚將講,寫中文