Parent teacher led student conference

This year I am proud of my reading. I am starting to get the hang of it. I choose to read without my mom or dad tell me to read when it is nigh time and almost bed. My reading continuum has been really good click on the link to see it 
here. I would like to read more books on space to learn more. One of my goals for reading is trying to find books on scince fiction.

I am really proud of the unit How We Organize Ourselves. because I started the student council and it really worked out. I hope that the grade 4 do the student council again because it was a good thing to continue and for the students to get involved with the school click
here to see the blue print of the pod the student council built.
The unit that I am most proud of, was Sharing The Planet (Exhibition). I was proud with all of the action that I was taking. Like the reminders and in total we had 29 sign ups from teachers and parents click
here to see it

I am really proud of math this year because I am now confident in math. Before I was not confident . This year I have improved in fractions and mixed numbers with multiplying them and I have sort of enjoyed it this year with Shane. This year we went into coordinates a little bit and I think that I am totally confident with coordinates click
here to see the math peace.

I think that I did okay with the story and the chapters are really short though click on the link to see my story.

I think during camp I was not such a a risk-taker on the abseil but the other things I was a risk-taker. Like when I did the rock climbing I tried but I didn't do that well and during the swing across thing I really enjoyed it.

I think that I am not liking mandarin as I used to because I don't relay like learning languages so I sort of like it bust then I sort of don't like it click
here to see a little bit of one of the tests click here to see my mandarin page

I have been working on work that involves using the computer and I think that I do better working with a computer. Than I would with pen and paper because I can make a e-portfolio with weebly and many other things that I would use in class to work with and I enjoy that. This year I have been going into typing on Mondays and Fridays and to prove it click
here to see something

I think that my writing has improved based on the Story that I wrote about me and Aaron riding the elephant and my blogging.

there is one skill that comes to me every time I try to do something and that is that I always give up and it always happens when I try to do something

Continuing Weebly
I would like to continue weebly because I think that it would be useful in my life for reflecting and all that it would also be a good website for the family to see of what we are doing and it could be my e-portfolio to share with everyone and my friends. It would also good for recording all of the info on space. Also on weebly I could put great animoto's because I have made some great ones that I could use on the website click
here to sign up for weebly. The thing that I have to commit to next time is getting blog posts done and more blogging

I really enjoyed being with my buddy this year becuase we did alot of things the one that I like the very last day with the buddy movie

I Have done allot better in music this year than last year and to prove it click here to see the portfolio

I am now going to give you a tour of my e-portfolio.