On Tuesday I had my student Parent Teacher conference where we talked about me and how am I doing in class

When the Student Parent Teacher Conference strted I showed my mom my goals my dad was not there because he had to work. One of my goals was to write better reflections because am still having some issues with my reflections. After that we talked about my reading and what type of books that I am reading, what types of books that I would be interested in. We talked about books about space and would I be interested in books about space. We agreed that I would like books about space. Now we moved on to something else so we talked about reading comprehension and how i am doing on it. Earlier in the year we took a test called DRA and that was a test that tested me on reading and writing. We took a look at the scores and I was in the beginning section of it so I would have to work on that. Andy kept a record on our books like RRJ, Reading Log, Spelling and he said that I have been keeping up with the assignments and i have been keeping up.
 I am funny and like space
I wonder if they will send animals in space
I hear a shooting star soaring in space
I see planets moving in orbit
i want a star from space
I am funny and like space
I pretend to go into space
I feel dizzy in space
I touch the milky way while soaring in space
I worry the earth dyeing
I cry  when I see Planets dyeing
I am funny and like space
II understand that space is big and earth is small
I say we will all live on a different planet
I dream to be lifted into space on a ball of fire
I try to learn more about space
I hope earth will live forever
I am funny and like space

Matthew Moorefield
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