o                                                        today we went on another field trip but today we went to a cathedral which is Christianity when we got there we had to sit down on the field and wait till Shane told u that we could come in and sit down. When the priest came he started explaining from the beginning of the bible and explained about some things that were set up.

I learned that the bishop who is the man in charge has to carry a crook wit him when he walks around.

I understand that there is a eagle and the wings are out, one side is for the jus and the other side is for Christians

At the end we got to ask questions

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Today we went to a Sikh temple when we got there we had to take off our shoes and wash our hands. When we got inside we took 15 min to write in our journals then we saw the priest and he was reading the holy bible. When he was done doing that we all had to kneel to the god to be respectful. After that the people offered us some snacks I only ate the banana. Then we went to the classroom the classroom were used for like after church some kids would go and learn about there religion then that is where we got to ask questions and he would explain some things about the religion. Next we went all the way down the stairs to go and eat lunch the Sikhs cook for other people so the offered us lunch for lunch it was curry and rice. After that it was time to go back to the classroom and so we did.

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Today in UOI our art teacher Ms. Rachel came in to help us because the central idea for our UOI relates to art.

So when Ms. Rachel came we talked about how this unit relates to art. After the discussion, she laid out a bunch of photos like piercing,tattoos,facepainting and hennas. We the students had to pick a topic that we would like to do a research project on which is our mini exhibition project. I chose to do face painting because I don't know allot about it so we then had to see who else chose the same topic. When we got with our groups we thought that they were to big so we had to split them into two. When all that was done we talked about how to share the information at home or at school and we all decided to use stixty its a computer tool. We all had to come up with a password for each group. When we all chose our passwords we started our research
Today we had a person who is willing to take over Dr.Andy's place as Director of the school so today we interview #2 when he came in we asked the same questions because the we can compare and contrast interviews. We didn't have a whole lot of questions like last time

He said that the one most important PYP learner Profile is listener and Mr. Dare said all of them are important.

He also said that he would at least stay at the school for 4 years and Mr. Dare said that he would be here for 7 years

At the end of the interview we had a vote of who we would elect for and the grade 5 got to do this and the vote ended up as Mr. Dare

My opinion is that Mr. Dare should be the school Director based on the information above


That was such a funny birthday vociethread about andy's comment "Ummm, that cake look's great! Is that Omer sleeping in the chair?"
o                                                        Today my class had a field trip to a Hindu Temple. First we went upstairs and took our shoes off. After that we went inside the temple and we saw people praying and doing their thing. We all sat there for 15 min writing in our, I believe journal. After that we saw the priest and he explain alot of things to us about Hinduism

I learned that there are 330 million Hindu Gods

I Understand that when you ring the bell inside the temple it is like you are going over to their house to give them a bath with milk or water (thats what they really do)

here to go to a site full of info about Hinduism

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Yesterday I showed some items that I believe in so I brought some pictures like a picture of my friends,a picture of my lionhead and a book about the Hershey company. I told everyone about the items and how they are special to me the lionhead is important because it shows that I believe that liondancing makes god luck. Also the Hershey book is important to me because it shows my love in chocolate and Mr. Hershey was caring because he mad the town. The picture of my family means that they love me care about as I do to them as well