Today my buddy came to my class and he showed me a book that he made so I was impresed it was about th alphebet. e showed me it then we wnt to the computer to look at the AIR phots. We looked at the video that andy made about AIR but thn we ran out of time so my buddy hade to go back to class. 
For HKA our current director is leaving HKA so today were interviews,the grade 5 got to ask the new director some questions. I thought he would fit into the school because he said he was a assistant director once so I think he is ready to take on HkA. He also said he worked in a school in manilla where the school had 2000 kids so I think he can handle HKA.
Today we went to our around the school looking at other people's work from AIR. The Gallery Walk started at 9:00 A.M and ended at 12:00 A.M. Some of the myths were Pandora's Box,The Story of ,The Rainbow Serpent and The elephant child. when we started we went to the gym to have a assembly started at 9:00-10:00 A.M. The assembly was just some dances and some songs. After that we came to the classroom for 15 min to have break. After that the Official gallery walk begun. Our first stop was the elementary school library where we saw our Serpent. Also we saw some other art work. Then we went to gym to see some another song from a 1st grade class. Then we made our way to the art room when we got there it was all about Pandora's Box we saw some boxes but colorful we spent like 20 min there. After that we made our way back to the gym for a little show with grade 2 I thought that it was a little funny. Then our last stop was the music room for 15 min in the music room there were some videos on the board of dances that the teachers did and little shows and last songs we were there for like 15 min we were bursting out laughing because the mandarin teachers were dancing as well.
Today was the last day to finish the project when we got there we had a talk of how to put it together and we decided 3 by 3. When we went to work we started making the bottles come together. When we only had like 6 bottles left we could fill a hole table with the bottles After that we hung the project up on the celling. When it was hung muigle got a meter stick and measured the total size and the total size was.....  10 meters
Yesterday in UOI we started a new unit it was other coultures and religins. We did a activity where we had to go aroud and in both classroom would be achinit symbles and we woild have to have a good guess of

what is the purpus ?

what does it mean ?

who does it belong to ?

After that we all found out the awnser
Today everyone was working with the bottles so we got allot done today. Last time we had like 10 bottles now we have like 30 bottles. We were all proud so Tomorrow is the last to day to put it together I got like 7 bottles done we had allot of red. The last day is tomorrow so then we have to put the stepparent together.
Here is a lesson that I thought
My reading group is reading a book called wringer, I think we have sort of been working well together in it. I think the book is challenging and hard for me to understand sometimes. I think my group could improve by focussing a little more and have better talks and also to keep everyone on track and to understand it. I think we could help each-other understand it more by letting people pull up the stop sign, because Paul is easily like no you cant pull the stop sign. Also when other people read and I am still having a talk about the book with someone then suddenly everyone is on the next page. Then we have a fight of should we re-read the page or not. If I could change something in my reading it would to bring in your book in when we have meetings, make sure that everyone read what we were assigned and last to let people pull up the stop sign when the need to. I think we have been assigning little pages to read so we had a talk and we made a agreement that we will assign more pages. I think the teachers can help us more by giving us little sheets of paper of what to think about while reading.
Today we worked in our sketch book and then we worked on the bottles I only had made on bottle but now that I know what and how to do it so next time I will be faster. By now everyone should be on there bottle making so we can be faster on the project. All of us had MAJOR clean up because we had all the materials and paint so we had allot of washing up to do!

                            Day #1         10/20/09
Today we set up our tents, my tent group set up 4 tents and 4 different kinds of tents. Then we got with our home groups and went to our bases and played a game. We had to come up with a group name and my group name was X-RAY so then we came up with a chant for our group. Then we had lunch my group was prepared sandwiches for everyone.One of the other groups cleaned up the dishes. After lunch we played games with our home groups like pipe ball, amazing maze, atrival and the fix line practice (thats all the games). After all the activites we ate dinner for dinner it was pasta with tuna and corn and carots. I didnt like it so I put it in the bin after that the instukters told us how to wash up. After that j said that it is getting darck so we should put our head tourches on so when that was done we played a game called intruder where a guy has a flash light and he has to shine it at some one if he hears them comming to take his stuff after that game it was time for bed I didnt have a good sleep.
                                       Day #2         10/21/09
I got up early so I had to stay in my tent till 6:00 when everyone was up we did the morning streaches then we had breakfast for breakfast we had cereal and hot milo. Then we started the activites for the day! Today the x-Ray had Tyro, Lunch, Absail so we went to the tyro first we had to do the fixline down a rocks then at the edge was the tyro I had to wait a long time untill I got to go on it. Finaly it was my turn I felt my heart pummping the when I let go I had so much fun I felt like i was flying so then everyone had there turn so the we had to do the fix line back up the moutain and p these big rocks. but I did it. Then we had lunch and again it was sandwiches. After lunch we went to the Abseil to get there we had to do the fixline again was last for the Absail but I didn't do it because I was to scared so then everyone had there turn then we went back. Then we came back for dinner for dinner we had Beans, Sausage,Mash potatos.I just had rice and sousage then the leader of my group names X showed all of us a game called intruder so we played that game for 10 min.After that we went to bed.I had a little bit more of a good sleep but not a lot.

                                            Day #3           10/22/09

I woke up early as the same. When everyone was awake I got dressed and went outside and went to the place where we did the mooring exersises. After that we had breakfast and it was cereal and hot milo so then afterthat we went to the place were you do rockclimbing so then we got there then the guys showed us how to do it then it was our turn to do it. I was to scared so I only went half then we made our way back to the camp site. When we got back it was lunch time for lunch we had hotdogs. Aftr that we had a very big game it was star fall were we have like 10 activits around the camp site. like life raft, enviermental bingo,swimming and many others abd we had 1 hour to compleate as many as you can. Each group in this activity has a APA guy helping and a water manager. My group we to the museum first to do like puzzles  then we had to find a prize to bring back and put it on the score board. After the Starfall it was dinner but before we had dinner each team had to come up with a skit to show of waht they learned so far my group did a skit about the squaty poty. After that we had dinner then played our last game of intruder. Then it was time for our last sleep at camp and we had to go to bed.

                                                      Day #4 ( last Day )      10/23/09

Last night was the best sleep that i have had sence I came to camp. When everyone was up we did the mooring streaches . After the mooring streahes we ate breakfast. After breakfast we had a challenge our challenge was to clean up all the tents in less than 40min. Also we ahd to pack it up like the big bags and the small bags. After that we lined up and made sandwiches to bring up to the top of the hil to eat. On our way to the top of the hill  some of the APA guys had to leave like Sly and Big Lu. It was a bit of a hike but I did it. When we were up there we piced where we got to sit but our Leader X had us sit with the rest of the group when we were done eating X ave us little sirtifikits then we had to write in our camp dirers for 10min. When we all done with that we took team pictures then we took one with everone in it. Then we made our way back down to the boat we put our bags on a sperate boat. When we were all abord we made our way back to Hong Kong. While we were on the boat one af the APA guys told us the score for the star fall and tent inspections and who ever won we would get chocolate. All the boys tents won the tent inspections 2 times. My home group the X-Rays won the starfall so we got candy. When we were at the dock of Hong Kong our bus was not here yet so we had to wait when our buss was here we had to leave.

                  I had a good time at camp and I wish I can go again