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o                                                        Today during snack the student council went to have a meeting with Ms. Virgina, we just wanted to review some thing so we are all on the same track because our adviser I saying things and the student council is saying things that are different. Our first thing that we talked about was making it a after school activity so we all decided on that and the adviser had the after school activity form to give to Mr. Adam then we talked about elections so basically the student council would do 3rd and 4th grade votes for representatives. After that we talked about our Ideas and my Idea was that we fundraise than go the children’s hospital or an orphanage to go and read the books to them. Then we assigned homework that we will do over the break my job was to fix some of the things like the mission statement and Ms. Virginia said to look at the Hong Kong Academy mission statement and to get some ideas Then we had to go back to class and the meeting ended   
I am in a production called Un Happily Ever After and my part of the show is Rumpelstiltskin

Tonight was the show night so the first show was n a Friday and I ad to cut out of school early in order to get to the theater on time. When I got to the theater I went back stage and got my makeup on then we did a rehearsal without our costumes and the 1st rehearsal was relly relly bad but when we did it the 2nd time with our costumes it was fantastic. After that we the director took 30 min to go over our notes and practice them. Then after that it was Dinner time we had Pizza Hut. Then after that we took another 30 min to practice the songs and dances some people had to have mic's because they wouldent speak or sing loud enough. After that we had the real show!!! We all got in our places then it began I was predy nervous. After the show we all got back stage then our director said that we did AWSOME and when we hung up our costumes we could meet our fans and so we did then we went home. I am looking forward for the next show to do

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Today we went on another field trip to a Jewish Synagogue and the person who told us the facts was Anna Van de Bery. When we got there we had to walk 3 blocks to the synagogue then we took 5 min to write in our journals. Shane then went to get the speaker to help us then she came out and we all gathered around. When we gathered she told us some back round information about the synagogue like the synagogue was boult by one family! Then we went inside and we got to chose our own seats. Then she explained things from the beginning like the cathectic priest did. scott notes that the Jewish religion is very similar than the Catholic religion. We mainly talked about the rules and in Jewish there are 613 commandments Then she talked about scrolls and in the front of the the synagogue there is a curtain and behind it are all the scrolls 20 of them
Today the whole school brought in food from different countries, when we came to school we had to come dressed up as our nationality. First my class started the day with bloging, then we went to see our buddies and we all counted our nationalities and we had 20 different nationalities just in 2 classes. Then individually we would take a picture with our buddies, after we took a photo we would shut down the computer than bring it back down to charge for the day. After that the class would separate to different classes with the same nationality as us I had to say in my classroom because I was American. Then everybody was then in the right class. Then we all headed off to the gym for a whole school assembly and parents would come as well. When we got there we had to line up in a certain order for the parade. The U.S.A was the last country. Basically one at a time each of the countries would go and Dr. Andy would say a fact then they would go down the stage and on the carpet in front of the parents; it took like 30 min just to get the parade done. The best part was my mom and her second grade class did a flash mob dance, it was sooo cool.  After that we would dismiss to the middle/high school roof where a hole bunch of food would be laid out and we would get the chance to go taste all the different foods. It was very exciting how we can fit the whole school and the parents on one medium sized roof. The whole school spent one hour on the roof.  It was exciting and amazing