The area that I live in is Hong Kong. All parts of Hong Kong are crowded,  for example central on a Saturday is just busy, busy, busy tons of traffic. When I'm in central I feel crowded and like the little guy in a big crowd.  People have that feeling when it is crowded; you feel like the little guy. I say the less crowded place in Hong Kong is nowhere. On the weekeds it just mad because everyone is shopping, eating at restrurant and taking their kids to activities.  When you drive in Hong Kong you just see nature all aroud, there's lots of mountains.  In Wan Chai  it's resturants and appartments and mini markets and just its like a little mall and I really like wan Chia. Hong Kong it just doesn't just have have cars and taxies and buses but it has a MTR that goes all aroung Hong Kong, to the airport, Disney Land, etc....    
3/25/2010 03:47:04 pm

I love the video you made about Hong Kong. How long have you been in HK? Are you used to the crowd? I hate the crowd, I am still trying to get used to it after being back for 2 years. What happen to personal space?


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