Finally the week that i have been waiting for PAINTBALL tomorrow is the big day because it is Dawson brothers birthday tomorrow so we are going to do to paintball, it is going to be so fun the place that we are going to is Paintball Headquarters. Me and Dawson and his team are going to OWN everyone. I am so excited for the party!!   
For the Exhibition we have to craete a Central Idea then the class will combine some of them to make a better one, here is my idea.

Problems around the world that us as individuals and as a community can take action and respancibilty to help

For the Exhibition I would like to do wasting energy, because I think that energy in very important and allot of people in this world how dont care about enery, it is very important, without energy the world would be very dark so I would like to take action.
How would you spend 1,000,000. You must spend all the money. You must spend it on 5 different things. You need to give the amounts that you will spend on each thing,as well the percentage and fractional equivalents 

I would buy a Macbook pro $2229     %0.2229         2229
I would buy a iMac $1699                          %0.1699       1699
I would Buy a  Ipad $499                              %0.499                  499
I would buy a Big House $5000                     %0.5000                   5000
i would buy a trip around the world in 300 days $990573   %0.990573  990573

What would you spend $1000000 on  follow the instructions on top,do all that stuff in the comments.
here is our sports day chant
We can waste electricity by leaving your computer on because then you waste electricity when you charge it so
-shut down your computer when you are don
-turn of your lights
-if your screen on the computer is really high lower it because you wast energy then you need to recharge
-if your computer is on good electricity take out the charger and if your computer pops up with low batery just put it in
Today both classes 5AB and 5SM came together and we had some SMART  and some ideas that were not SMART so we split into groups of 9 and changed them around. After that we came back into Shane's class to tell all the not SMART ideas after that we eliminated all the ideas that we were not going to use. and Andy and Shane said that we have to chose one and do some reaserch on waht we would like to do and explain what i want to do in here so this is what i want to do.
        I would like to do wasting electrisity because i think that it is interesting and i have seen some of the problems with electrisity in the school that i would like to take action on.
Here is my religion video that i have been working on for a long time. It is about all the field trips I have been on.
Here re my scores for my timeline click here to see my timeline
Yesterday I had my last show and the show was called "An evening With The Stars" and when I got at the music lounge I put my bag down and listened to music for like 10min, after that a guy named Samson practiced on the stage with me. Then we sat down for like 30min when it was 7:00 because the show starts at 7:30 so all I did as play rock paper scissors with Samson and the Chopsticks I got confused with the game and it was fun. Then we a really fast game with our hands and tat was also confusing.

Then Audience started coming in and it was a FULL HOUSE. Then the show started the first act was Superman and Batman I thought that they were very funny then it was Mari singing something that i don't know then it was me and my friend Samson doing our interview with a director and Darf Vadar I thought that my show was very funny people were laughing. Then it was Nicole singing "Love Can Change Everything" i thought that she was good and then it was Bayonne singing a Justin Timerlake song that I don't know. Then it was Ashley "I Have A Dream" Thought That she was good with he singing she was wearing a 70s outfit. After that we had a intermission

Then we started our Second half the first act for our second half was a monologue from Swedey Todd it was really funny because she was standing behind the bar. She was very funny then our next act was a song from "Grease" she was really good! Then our next act was Abbas Honey Honey by Zuri and Georgina I thought that they were good as well then our next act was the song "The Golden River" sang by Ninny she was alright. Next was Zoe singing "I Want To Make Magic" she was really good because at the beginning she was having trouble but now she improved allot son well done Zoe. Our final act of the day was Margarita singing "Waiting For Life To Begin" I thought that she was the best act of the day she had a good voice.