Today was our last field trip for our religion unit. When the bus dropped us off  close to the Nunnery we sat at the curb and ate our snack. After our snack we made our way to the Nunnery, When we got to the Nunnery we went to the garden and started sketching in our i believe journal. then shane went to tell tell the gut that we were ready, when shane came back he said that he filed out the wrong form. So then we split into groups and went around the garden to have a look. We were split intro our tent groups so then we started the walk. Our first stop was a gift shop and we look around and when i look i saw thins that we cold remember for when we do our chinese clothing clothing assembly. then our next stop was a mini waterfall with a restaurant inside it and it was just beautiful and amazing. The next stop was a little pond with fish and big rocks and that was beautiful the whole place is beautiful. The grade 5 went to the place because we need to lear and observe these coulters and religion's  
That is Gold!!!!!!! :)