I think that I have been improving as a writer because I am putting some more words and I am reflecting more click here to see the blog post that I think I have improved on. I think that I have improved on this because I have put everything into paragraphs and not just big slabs of words. I also think I have improved because I am putting them into spell check. I also think that I could improve on linking words to show my thinking. Click here to see my score that I gave myself.


In January I revisited the goals that I made in the begging of the year. After reading my goals I would like to change them, my new goals are. 

1) I should start typing properly because I like using he computer and the skill to have with a computer is typing so I will go down to the portal on Monday and Friday 

2) I should blog about what I like and do some more blogging because it would help me as a writer 

3) Creating more super cool video's on Xtranormal  because it will help with my typing and my story telling 


This year we have done many units of inquiry,the unit that I think I did my best at is Who We Are because we learned about different religions and there ways I also got to experience different religions because we went on field trips to religious places. This is a good skill because understanding different religions and cultures can help allot in the future. During this unit I did many peaces of work the work that I am going to share is my Essay I chose this peace of work because I learned buddhism and I compared it to Christianity. I also learned the difference between a compare and contrast essay than from a list, that is what I did.


        Click here to see of what learner profiles I am I think that I am still reflective because in my blog I am reflecting of what happened. I think that I am Principled because I am on the student council helping the school. I am also caring because I try to help my friends if they have a problem.       


During this year I have improved in many areas in math I am very please with adding and subtracting fractions because i can do that very well click here to see a peaces of work that I did. My short term goal for math is to get better with positive and negative numbers because i think that they are hard,I have a strategy but I try to use it but it helps only a little bit