Today the whole school brought in food from different countries, when we came to school we had to come dressed up as our nationality. First my class started the day with bloging, then we went to see our buddies and we all counted our nationalities and we had 20 different nationalities just in 2 classes. Then individually we would take a picture with our buddies, after we took a photo we would shut down the computer than bring it back down to charge for the day. After that the class would separate to different classes with the same nationality as us I had to say in my classroom because I was American. Then everybody was then in the right class. Then we all headed off to the gym for a whole school assembly and parents would come as well. When we got there we had to line up in a certain order for the parade. The U.S.A was the last country. Basically one at a time each of the countries would go and Dr. Andy would say a fact then they would go down the stage and on the carpet in front of the parents; it took like 30 min just to get the parade done. The best part was my mom and her second grade class did a flash mob dance, it was sooo cool.  After that we would dismiss to the middle/high school roof where a hole bunch of food would be laid out and we would get the chance to go taste all the different foods. It was very exciting how we can fit the whole school and the parents on one medium sized roof. The whole school spent one hour on the roof.  It was exciting and amazing