Day 2
When I woke up I got my the t.v remote and watch some t.v until my mom and dad came back from getting some coffee. When they came back we got dressed then went to get some breakfast it was a buffa and it was awesome. Then our next stop was the pool like always so we stayed there for a long time after that we went to the east Asia water sports people and they offered us parasailing and many other choices so today we went on the parasail i did not go because i just didn't want to. Then it was time to get some dinner and go to the night market, we went to the night maket then we went to a really cool bar and they had the best chiken winges ever 

                                                  Day 1

At last my holiday to Penang in Malaysia, when i got to Penning my family and i got piked up by the hotel it was about 45min drive from the Hotel on the way the driver took us to the best chocolate and coffee shop in Asia. Me and my family went in and we saw a table lined up in a rectangle full of all different kinds of coffee then on the other side there was a whole bunch of chocolate starting from milk chocolate to chocolate coffee so we bought like 10 bags of coffee and like 5 bags of chocolate. Then we went to a bittiqe shop right by it they showed us how they made there biteqe it was cool then when they were done showing us they took us into there shop and it was so cool they made shirts,pants,ties. After that we went back to the car and left to the resort the hotel is the Golden Sands Resort it was pretty nice and they had a swimming pool and restaurants. It was nice when we got there the first thing we did was go to our room and go to the pool we stayed there for a long time until dinner . After dinner we went to the beach the guy there told us about the activities. We told him that we would come the next day so we went back to our room and went to bed sleep.