Today was the first Day of presenting the Exhibition, I thought that it was not going to go well, but actually it went really good we got positive comments. I did feel bad because it was the start of presenting and I would like to present for more days. I could answer all of the questions that they asked. We had a sign up for for the teacher if they wanted the reminders and I thought no one is going to want them but they did. I felt happy that the teachers wanted to participate. People did not ask a lot of questions, but we told them our action and what we did. The thing that I would like to improve on for the next group is showing them our keynote and our process, I forgot about that because I was so focused of what was on the poster but not the computer. I was manly worried on Andrew because I thought he wasn't to say anything but it turned out he did really good so I really am having fun doing this and now I don't have to be worried on andrew.     
This is what I scored myself for the exhibition on the student generated rubric. I think that I scored my self well based on my reflection's.
I have done many things for my group during the exhibition. I have built a wind turbine and a torch powered by hand. I have also taken action in my own house, I have put reminders around my house and I recorded all my records for the Unit Meter. I still have to get the reminders and the keynote shown and given out to the classes, but we have a plan for that. I still have to prepare some of what we need for the exhibition like the table cloth. I also came up with a list but I have to put more thing's like bring my wind turbine and a example of the package. 

I have a concern about Thomas and Andrew because they are not taking action in their own home when I am. I think that we could work that out some how. I also think that Andrew is not doing a lot of work. I think that he is not doing that because he doesn't like our group or he just doesn't want to do the Exhibition. 

I am really proud of what I have done like taking action at my house and building all the stuff I have made like the wind turbine. What the people will learn when they come is how electricity is being wasted and what they can do to help. 
My thought about the problem that I am working on for the exhibition is that wasting energy is a serious problem and the number one thing to waste energy is leaving your lights on and basically everyone forgets once and a while. This problem is important to me because without energy we wont have computers and electronics and technology is a very very useful tool and all technology gets its power on energy so if energy just whips out then we cant use our technology because it runs on energy. The way I think I am going to solve this is creating a keynote slideshow about wasting energy and how to help not waste it and present it at a assembly. The other think that i was thinking of was put posters around the school to turn your lights off when you are not in the classroom and when you are not using your computer just close the lid. I also just came up with a idea well there is a room to read read-a-thon and maybe my group could make tons of bookmarks that give some facts how to save energy. A field trip that i was thinking of is my dad is friends with a scientist and he has his own lab and stuff so my group could go there but i just have to get some okay's then I will call him and arrange a date to have a field trip. I would like my group to actually get work done because andrew and thomas have been playing  
For the Exhibition we have to craete a Central Idea then the class will combine some of them to make a better one, here is my idea.

Problems around the world that us as individuals and as a community can take action and respancibilty to help

For the Exhibition I would like to do wasting energy, because I think that energy in very important and allot of people in this world how dont care about enery, it is very important, without energy the world would be very dark so I would like to take action.
We can waste electricity by leaving your computer on because then you waste electricity when you charge it so
-shut down your computer when you are don
-turn of your lights
-if your screen on the computer is really high lower it because you wast energy then you need to recharge
-if your computer is on good electricity take out the charger and if your computer pops up with low batery just put it in
Today both classes 5AB and 5SM came together and we had some SMART  and some ideas that were not SMART so we split into groups of 9 and changed them around. After that we came back into Shane's class to tell all the not SMART ideas after that we eliminated all the ideas that we were not going to use. and Andy and Shane said that we have to chose one and do some reaserch on waht we would like to do and explain what i want to do in here so this is what i want to do.
        I would like to do wasting electrisity because i think that it is interesting and i have seen some of the problems with electrisity in the school that i would like to take action on.