I chose this peace of work because this is the review sheet for the unit 7 math test. It shows me as a learner because it shows of what I need to improve on and what i am good at. Like seeing if the number sentence is true or not. My goals for math is to work on adding and subtracting negative and positive numbers I am not good at that but i am good at what number is bigger or smaller on the number line. I am going to achieve my goal by practicing at home with my tutor or at home by myself. 

                                          the picture is now here!!!

  (I told you so)

How would you spend 1,000,000. You must spend all the money. You must spend it on 5 different things. You need to give the amounts that you will spend on each thing,as well the percentage and fractional equivalents 

I would buy a Macbook pro $2229     %0.2229         2229
I would buy a iMac $1699                          %0.1699       1699
I would Buy a  Ipad $499                              %0.499                  499
I would buy a Big House $5000                     %0.5000                   5000
i would buy a trip around the world in 300 days $990573   %0.990573  990573

What would you spend $1000000 on  follow the instructions on top,do all that stuff in the comments.
I think that i did not do well because when i looked at the marked answers i think i did not do well. The most essayist problem on the test was making a circle graph and the most hardest problem was the open response which was naming parts of fractions in one hole. I think that the Unit 5 assessment was one of the hardest assessments of grade 5.