I have done many things for my group during the exhibition. I have built a wind turbine and a torch powered by hand. I have also taken action in my own house, I have put reminders around my house and I recorded all my records for the Unit Meter. I still have to get the reminders and the keynote shown and given out to the classes, but we have a plan for that. I still have to prepare some of what we need for the exhibition like the table cloth. I also came up with a list but I have to put more thing's like bring my wind turbine and a example of the package. 

I have a concern about Thomas and Andrew because they are not taking action in their own home when I am. I think that we could work that out some how. I also think that Andrew is not doing a lot of work. I think that he is not doing that because he doesn't like our group or he just doesn't want to do the Exhibition. 

I am really proud of what I have done like taking action at my house and building all the stuff I have made like the wind turbine. What the people will learn when they come is how electricity is being wasted and what they can do to help.