Today was our last field trip for our religion unit. When the bus dropped us off  close to the Nunnery we sat at the curb and ate our snack. After our snack we made our way to the Nunnery, When we got to the Nunnery we went to the garden and started sketching in our i believe journal. then shane went to tell tell the gut that we were ready, when shane came back he said that he filed out the wrong form. So then we split into groups and went around the garden to have a look. We were split intro our tent groups so then we started the walk. Our first stop was a gift shop and we look around and when i look i saw thins that we cold remember for when we do our chinese clothing clothing assembly. then our next stop was a mini waterfall with a restaurant inside it and it was just beautiful and amazing. The next stop was a little pond with fish and big rocks and that was beautiful the whole place is beautiful. The grade 5 went to the place because we need to lear and observe these coulters and religion's  
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Today we wet on a field trip to the Islamic centre. When we got there we went inside and waited for shane to give us the signal that we could go upstairs we had to go up to the 6th floor, it wasn't hard because in our school you have t walk up like 5 stories of stairs. When we got into the library on the 6th floor our speaker started by answering some questions. I asked if you want to to be Islam is their allot of responsibility and he said yes and then he answered some more questions after that we went down to the prayer hall and he told us some more information then after that we went back to the bus and back to school.
Today we went on another field trip to a Jewish Synagogue and the person who told us the facts was Anna Van de Bery. When we got there we had to walk 3 blocks to the synagogue then we took 5 min to write in our journals. Shane then went to get the speaker to help us then she came out and we all gathered around. When we gathered she told us some back round information about the synagogue like the synagogue was boult by one family! Then we went inside and we got to chose our own seats. Then she explained things from the beginning like the cathectic priest did. scott notes that the Jewish religion is very similar than the Catholic religion. We mainly talked about the rules and in Jewish there are 613 commandments Then she talked about scrolls and in the front of the the synagogue there is a curtain and behind it are all the scrolls 20 of them
o                                                        today we went on another field trip but today we went to a cathedral which is Christianity when we got there we had to sit down on the field and wait till Shane told u that we could come in and sit down. When the priest came he started explaining from the beginning of the bible and explained about some things that were set up.

I learned that the bishop who is the man in charge has to carry a crook wit him when he walks around.

I understand that there is a eagle and the wings are out, one side is for the jus and the other side is for Christians

At the end we got to ask questions

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Today we went to a Sikh temple when we got there we had to take off our shoes and wash our hands. When we got inside we took 15 min to write in our journals then we saw the priest and he was reading the holy bible. When he was done doing that we all had to kneel to the god to be respectful. After that the people offered us some snacks I only ate the banana. Then we went to the classroom the classroom were used for like after church some kids would go and learn about there religion then that is where we got to ask questions and he would explain some things about the religion. Next we went all the way down the stairs to go and eat lunch the Sikhs cook for other people so the offered us lunch for lunch it was curry and rice. After that it was time to go back to the classroom and so we did.

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o                                                        Today my class had a field trip to a Hindu Temple. First we went upstairs and took our shoes off. After that we went inside the temple and we saw people praying and doing their thing. We all sat there for 15 min writing in our, I believe journal. After that we saw the priest and he explain alot of things to us about Hinduism

I learned that there are 330 million Hindu Gods

I Understand that when you ring the bell inside the temple it is like you are going over to their house to give them a bath with milk or water (thats what they really do)

here to go to a site full of info about Hinduism