o                                                        Today during snack the student council went to have a meeting with Ms. Virgina, we just wanted to review some thing so we are all on the same track because our adviser I saying things and the student council is saying things that are different. Our first thing that we talked about was making it a after school activity so we all decided on that and the adviser had the after school activity form to give to Mr. Adam then we talked about elections so basically the student council would do 3rd and 4th grade votes for representatives. After that we talked about our Ideas and my Idea was that we fundraise than go the children’s hospital or an orphanage to go and read the books to them. Then we assigned homework that we will do over the break my job was to fix some of the things like the mission statement and Ms. Virginia said to look at the Hong Kong Academy mission statement and to get some ideas Then we had to go back to class and the meeting ended