My reading group is reading a book called wringer, I think we have sort of been working well together in it. I think the book is challenging and hard for me to understand sometimes. I think my group could improve by focussing a little more and have better talks and also to keep everyone on track and to understand it. I think we could help each-other understand it more by letting people pull up the stop sign, because Paul is easily like no you cant pull the stop sign. Also when other people read and I am still having a talk about the book with someone then suddenly everyone is on the next page. Then we have a fight of should we re-read the page or not. If I could change something in my reading it would to bring in your book in when we have meetings, make sure that everyone read what we were assigned and last to let people pull up the stop sign when the need to. I think we have been assigning little pages to read so we had a talk and we made a agreement that we will assign more pages. I think the teachers can help us more by giving us little sheets of paper of what to think about while reading.