o                                                        today we went on another field trip but today we went to a cathedral which is Christianity when we got there we had to sit down on the field and wait till Shane told u that we could come in and sit down. When the priest came he started explaining from the beginning of the bible and explained about some things that were set up.

I learned that the bishop who is the man in charge has to carry a crook wit him when he walks around.

I understand that there is a eagle and the wings are out, one side is for the jus and the other side is for Christians

At the end we got to ask questions

here  or here learn more
Nanna (Evelyn)
11/30/2009 15:59

I am so proud of you. You are getting so much knowledge and experience as you travel the world. I miss you very much and I love all your information on your trips. It certainly makes me jealous to be there and have all the fun you are having. Keep up the good work, remember spelling counts. Love Nanna

11/30/2009 21:08

11/30/2009 21:09

I liked the cathedral visit but I knew most of what he said

11/30/2009 21:15

I learned lots of things but siting down for the whole lesson was boring.

12/01/2009 00:34

I like the link to the wikipedia entry for cathedral, but I was hoping that you had linked to the actual web site for the cathedral here

12/01/2009 09:50

Wow Matthew, seems you are going on a lot of field trips! It's so great to be learning so much about the world and the different religions and are teaching me through your experiences and blogging! I look forward to reading about your next adventure!!
Love Aunt Cara


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