Today was the first Day of presenting the Exhibition, I thought that it was not going to go well, but actually it went really good we got positive comments. I did feel bad because it was the start of presenting and I would like to present for more days. I could answer all of the questions that they asked. We had a sign up for for the teacher if they wanted the reminders and I thought no one is going to want them but they did. I felt happy that the teachers wanted to participate. People did not ask a lot of questions, but we told them our action and what we did. The thing that I would like to improve on for the next group is showing them our keynote and our process, I forgot about that because I was so focused of what was on the poster but not the computer. I was manly worried on Andrew because I thought he wasn't to say anything but it turned out he did really good so I really am having fun doing this and now I don't have to be worried on andrew.     

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