My thought about the problem that I am working on for the exhibition is that wasting energy is a serious problem and the number one thing to waste energy is leaving your lights on and basically everyone forgets once and a while. This problem is important to me because without energy we wont have computers and electronics and technology is a very very useful tool and all technology gets its power on energy so if energy just whips out then we cant use our technology because it runs on energy. The way I think I am going to solve this is creating a keynote slideshow about wasting energy and how to help not waste it and present it at a assembly. The other think that i was thinking of was put posters around the school to turn your lights off when you are not in the classroom and when you are not using your computer just close the lid. I also just came up with a idea well there is a room to read read-a-thon and maybe my group could make tons of bookmarks that give some facts how to save energy. A field trip that i was thinking of is my dad is friends with a scientist and he has his own lab and stuff so my group could go there but i just have to get some okay's then I will call him and arrange a date to have a field trip. I would like my group to actually get work done because andrew and thomas have been playing  
3/17/2010 06:36:34 am

i agree turn the lights off its not that hard


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