I am funny and like space
I wonder if they will send animals in space
I hear a shooting star soaring in space
I see planets moving in orbit
i want a star from space
I am funny and like space
I pretend to go into space
I feel dizzy in space
I touch the milky way while soaring in space
I worry the earth dyeing
I cry  when I see Planets dyeing
I am funny and like space
II understand that space is big and earth is small
I say we will all live on a different planet
I dream to be lifted into space on a ball of fire
I try to learn more about space
I hope earth will live forever
I am funny and like space

Matthew Moorefield
10/15/2009 04:58:53 pm

I love your poem! I wonder what the space is like. It would be cool to touch, feel, smell, see, taste (if there's food up there) in space.


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