I think I did well durning the parent teacher conference, I think that I need to improve on reading because I need to find the right books for me. It would also help me with my writing the more I read the more of a better writer I am. When I came into the classroom I felt nerves because I thought that I was not doing well. As soon as I came in andy said for me to sit in the driver seat I thought that the chair was comfy. When I saw the computer I thought that it was quite big because I am used to working on laptops . When I started showing my parents my blog post that I wrote I felt confident. The first thing that I showed them was my blog post that I think I have improved on my parents and andy agreed that it was a good peace. The main goal that is really important to me is practicing typing so I am going down to the portal Monday and Friday. 

I think that I have been improving as a writer because I am putting some more words and I am reflecting more click here to see the blog post that I think I have improved on. I think that I have improved on this because I have put everything into paragraphs and not just big slabs of words. I also think I have improved because I am putting them into spell check. I also think that I could improve on linking words to show my thinking. Click here to see my score that I gave myself.


In January I revisited the goals that I made in the begging of the year. After reading my goals I would like to change them, my new goals are. 

1) I should start typing properly because I like using he computer and the skill to have with a computer is typing so I will go down to the portal on Monday and Friday 

2) I should blog about what I like and do some more blogging because it would help me as a writer 

3) Creating more super cool video's on Xtranormal  because it will help with my typing and my story telling 


This year we have done many units of inquiry,the unit that I think I did my best at is Who We Are because we learned about different religions and there ways I also got to experience different religions because we went on field trips to religious places. This is a good skill because understanding different religions and cultures can help allot in the future. During this unit I did many peaces of work the work that I am going to share is my Essay I chose this peace of work because I learned buddhism and I compared it to Christianity. I also learned the difference between a compare and contrast essay than from a list, that is what I did.


        Click here to see of what learner profiles I am I think that I am still reflective because in my blog I am reflecting of what happened. I think that I am Principled because I am on the student council helping the school. I am also caring because I try to help my friends if they have a problem.       


During this year I have improved in many areas in math I am very please with adding and subtracting fractions because i can do that very well click here to see a peaces of work that I did. My short term goal for math is to get better with positive and negative numbers because i think that they are hard,I have a strategy but I try to use it but it helps only a little bit 

                                                           Day 2
When I woke up I got my the t.v remote and watch some t.v until my mom and dad came back from getting some coffee. When they came back we got dressed then went to get some breakfast it was a buffa and it was awesome. Then our next stop was the pool like always so we stayed there for a long time after that we went to the east Asia water sports people and they offered us parasailing and many other choices so today we went on the parasail i did not go because i just didn't want to. Then it was time to get some dinner and go to the night market, we went to the night maket then we went to a really cool bar and they had the best chiken winges ever 

                                                  Day 1

At last my holiday to Penang in Malaysia, when i got to Penning my family and i got piked up by the hotel it was about 45min drive from the Hotel on the way the driver took us to the best chocolate and coffee shop in Asia. Me and my family went in and we saw a table lined up in a rectangle full of all different kinds of coffee then on the other side there was a whole bunch of chocolate starting from milk chocolate to chocolate coffee so we bought like 10 bags of coffee and like 5 bags of chocolate. Then we went to a bittiqe shop right by it they showed us how they made there biteqe it was cool then when they were done showing us they took us into there shop and it was so cool they made shirts,pants,ties. After that we went back to the car and left to the resort the hotel is the Golden Sands Resort it was pretty nice and they had a swimming pool and restaurants. It was nice when we got there the first thing we did was go to our room and go to the pool we stayed there for a long time until dinner . After dinner we went to the beach the guy there told us about the activities. We told him that we would come the next day so we went back to our room and went to bed sleep.
My problem for the Exhibition is Wasting Electricity, I think that my group is doing okay because we are having some trouble with getting done what we need to get done. I think that this problem is important because if we keep wasting electricity we wont have anything else so we wont have all of our great resources. I think that my group could do is make a keynote of wasting electricity then show it at a assembly, also make some mini book marks, and some A4 papers that say "close your laptops when not in use" and a survey for peoples perspective. We also thought of like having reminders in the classroom.
When I first arrived in 5AB I rote what learner profiles i am and the learner profile that i chose for my self a the beginning of the year is Caring,Thinker,Risk-taker. I think that I change from those learner profiles to Reflective, Principled and Caring because I am reflective on my blog and i have been improving so i think that i am Reflective. I also think that I am Principled because i know the right thing to do and being in the student council you have to be principled. I also think that I am still Caring because I try to help people with peoples problems like my friends and Family

During Earth hour my family and friends played the game "You Gotta Be Kidding" While my mom was doing the dishes I explained the rules of the game and after Idid that we chose our teams. I was with my dad's friends wife and my sister my with her husband and my Mom was by herself, then it was my brother and dad. When we started we didn't that big of smiles. Then on like the 3rd turn we all started to laugh and we all 

The area that I live in is Hong Kong. All parts of Hong Kong are crowded,  for example central on a Saturday is just busy, busy, busy tons of traffic. When I'm in central I feel crowded and like the little guy in a big crowd.  People have that feeling when it is crowded; you feel like the little guy. I say the less crowded place in Hong Kong is nowhere. On the weekeds it just mad because everyone is shopping, eating at restrurant and taking their kids to activities.  When you drive in Hong Kong you just see nature all aroud, there's lots of mountains.  In Wan Chai  it's resturants and appartments and mini markets and just its like a little mall and I really like wan Chia. Hong Kong it just doesn't just have have cars and taxies and buses but it has a MTR that goes all aroung Hong Kong, to the airport, Disney Land, etc....    
My thought about the problem that I am working on for the exhibition is that wasting energy is a serious problem and the number one thing to waste energy is leaving your lights on and basically everyone forgets once and a while. This problem is important to me because without energy we wont have computers and electronics and technology is a very very useful tool and all technology gets its power on energy so if energy just whips out then we cant use our technology because it runs on energy. The way I think I am going to solve this is creating a keynote slideshow about wasting energy and how to help not waste it and present it at a assembly. The other think that i was thinking of was put posters around the school to turn your lights off when you are not in the classroom and when you are not using your computer just close the lid. I also just came up with a idea well there is a room to read read-a-thon and maybe my group could make tons of bookmarks that give some facts how to save energy. A field trip that i was thinking of is my dad is friends with a scientist and he has his own lab and stuff so my group could go there but i just have to get some okay's then I will call him and arrange a date to have a field trip. I would like my group to actually get work done because andrew and thomas have been playing