I chose this peace of work because this is the review sheet for the unit 7 math test. It shows me as a learner because it shows of what I need to improve on and what i am good at. Like seeing if the number sentence is true or not. My goals for math is to work on adding and subtracting negative and positive numbers I am not good at that but i am good at what number is bigger or smaller on the number line. I am going to achieve my goal by practicing at home with my tutor or at home by myself. 

                                          the picture is now here!!!

  (I told you so)

Thomas S
4/27/2010 12:29:16 pm

Nice post, you did a good job explaining your goals and how you were going to achieve them.

4/29/2010 03:50:50 pm

I agree with Thomas, you had clear math goal. I hope by the end of the school term, you'll be a pro with it.


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