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Today in UOI our art teacher Ms. Rachel came in to help us because the central idea for our UOI relates to art.

So when Ms. Rachel came we talked about how this unit relates to art. After the discussion, she laid out a bunch of photos like piercing,tattoos,facepainting and hennas. We the students had to pick a topic that we would like to do a research project on which is our mini exhibition project. I chose to do face painting because I don't know allot about it so we then had to see who else chose the same topic. When we got with our groups we thought that they were to big so we had to split them into two. When all that was done we talked about how to share the information at home or at school and we all decided to use stixty its a computer tool. We all had to come up with a password for each group. When we all chose our passwords we started our research
dominique Schuddeboom
11/29/2009 09:04:25 am

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