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 When Buck crossed all the snowy hills and the mountains, Buck followed the foot trails till he reached a small entrance to another place inside the cave. Buck saw 3 more tunnels so he had to make a lucky guess so he chose tunnel 3 because 3 is a magic number. When he reached the end of the tunnel he saw a big box, inside that box was Bucks money. Buck thought that Sing Mi took the wrong tunnel buck gathered his money and took the plane home.

When Buck took a close look at the map he could see that there were 2 more tunnels, he was estimating that it would be like a 2 mile hike per tunnel. That was all he could really see on the map, the first tunnel was a little dangerous because there were polar bears in that tunnel, he decided to camp for the night because he thought that it was going to be long before he went back home. When it was night Buck took some medicine, sat by the fire, ate some food, the last thing Buck did was go to sleep. Buck had some trouble sleeping because it was so cold that night, he could also hear the hollows of the cave. When it was morning Buck ate some breakfast and cleaned up the tent and burned out the fire. He followed the map more and then he was out of the mountain. Buck was thinking if the tunnel was underground, Buck was right because the map looked like the tunnel went under the mountain . Buck could see a plane in the distance that was not flying he was thinking

"SING MI" Buck thought in a angry voice
When Niko finished saying that Sing Mi had to go to the snow capsule Buck went back outside of the Dojo, then hoped on a camel.
Niko asked "Where are you going"
"Im going to the snow capsule and I have to go alone on this one, I will follow Sing Mi and find my money" said Buck
"It will be dangerous, becarfull" said Niko
"I know just go back home and I will be back" said Buck
Buck started his journey first he went to the end of the village to get some lunch. After that he got some new clothes for hiking and freezing weather he also got a first aid kit some food and some supplies because Buck knew he was going to be away for like a week. Buck started to climb up the mountain and his compass said that he had to go north-west and he followed that direction and he ended up near a cave so he went inside to camp so he set a fire and a tent then went to sleep. When it was morning Buck cleaned up everything and it was like 6 hours before he got to a capsule and inside that capsule was a button. Buck pressed the button and then popped open a secret hole in the ground. Buck went under it and followed a tunnel and then Buck was in a dead end and found a map.
Buck and Niko met at the great wall and they went on a camel in search for Sing Mi. Buck and Niko have been in the blazing sun for hours and no sight of Sing Mi! When Niko had to use the washroom he saw a person with a logo on his shoulder and it said Ninja Worrier Assault, when
Niko came out he said to "Follow that guy in the black kung fu shirt ill explain on the way"
 Niko explained everything after fowling the guy they found themselves near a Dojo. When they got inside secretly Buck and Niko went to the changing room and they saw a ripped ninja costume hanging on the rack. Buck and Niko had to get a closer look so they went to the training room and saw fling ninjas. Buck and Niko found a secret hatch under the place that they were standing on while standing on that they heard some chinese people talking in Mandarin. Niko could understand some chinese but not all the main thing that he heard was to
"Go to the coldest place in china with the rocky mountains and the snow capsule" said Niko
Bucks first stop to find Sing Mi was the doctors because after action you have to go check if you broke a bone or you are healthy. When Buck got to the doctors he looked at he check up list and he did not find Sing Mi, he might have pretended to be someone else himself as someone else . Buck had to think of what to do then he came up with a idea so he went to the Doctor and he asked if he saw anyone with allot of injuries, the Doctor said that
"He saw someone with allot of scrapes and a couple broken bones"
 "Cane you tell me his name" Buck said
 "He said his name was Sing Mi and he said that he was going to the great wall of china he told m not to tell anyone OH WAIT!"
 Then Buck paralyze him and knocked him out then Buck used the Doctors phone and called Niko to meet him at the Great wall of China.
Buck went to the Airport and all the plane's are full except for the old A-41.
"Well we have to" Buck said
 Buck got on the plane and it was out of gas!
"Well get some " Buck demanded
 When the plane was full of fuel he was clear for take off, when he was in the air it was a 24 hour flight. Buck had some snacks, he slept allot because he knew that he would need it. Finally he was in china, it was a bad landing and bumpy. When Buck got out he was hungry, he went to get some sweet and sour chicken. When Buck got his bags he made his way to find SING MI.
When Buck got to Ninja Worrier he talked to the store clerk about the clothing the accident at the banK 
"The person who attacked came here and bought this can you tell me where he went" Buck said 
" I will have to examine the pice so just take a seat " said the store clerk
 When the store clerk came out he said that 
" It belongs to Sing Mi he is very powerful, he told me to not tell his location "
"Sir do we have to talk outside!" said buck
"Yes" said the store clerk
"Okay lest talk, Sing Mi just stole my whole bank account so tell me!" said Buck
"Okay okay he is at the ferry heading to china but you wont make it just left" said the store clerk
"Well there is still the plane" said Buck.
When Buck got home, Niko called again and said
Niko said "I have the name who stole your account his name is Sing Mi and he is one of the most powerful trained ninja in Shanghai"
Buck said "Well is there anything else that you have for me except for that" 
 Niko said "Okay I have a pice of his ripped clothes, the name of the company is Ninja Worrier" .
"Hey i know that place its by the old mine just 40 paces left" Buck said. 
"Okay so what time shall we go there' Niko said.
"I would say after lunch 2:30" Buck elaborated.
Works for me see you there" Niko explained.
One day there was a man called Buck and he was a very brave man. He decided to go to the bank, he took a long walk past the lake, the apartments and the old mine that people around here say is a death trap. Buck was finally at the bank and he went to the counter and said that he would like to pull out 100$.

The accounts said, "Sorry you can't because you have no money in your vault."
"What are you talking about, I've been with this bank for 7 years and there have been no problems," Buck said.

The accounts were scared of what might happen next.
 "OKAY the bank had a attack a very big attack with some ninja worrier!" The counter said
 "What are you talking about the secret service here" Buck said
" Well they got attacked and we cant find them" The counter said
 Suddenly the phone on the desk was ringing. The accounts picked it up first.
"Hello welcome to the Cal Bank how may I help you" The accounts said
 and he also said that it was for Buck it was some guy named Niko.
"Niko" Buck shouted
 "Hi buck niko I have some news yes your whole account is being stolen and i have some evidence from the attack but you have to go home and then we can talk" said Niko
"Okay" Buck said ill go hame right now.
My main idea for my story is that a guy named Buck had his bank account stolen by Sing Mi. Niko helps Buck by giving information through the telephone to find Sing Mi.

keep looking here to find more of the story so stay tuned