One day there was a man called Buck and he was a very brave man. He decided to go to the bank, he took a long walk past the lake, the apartments and the old mine that people around here say is a death trap. Buck was finally at the bank and he went to the counter and said that he would like to pull out 100$.

The accounts said, "Sorry you can't because you have no money in your vault."
"What are you talking about, I've been with this bank for 7 years and there have been no problems," Buck said.

The accounts were scared of what might happen next.
 "OKAY the bank had a attack a very big attack with some ninja worrier!" The counter said
 "What are you talking about the secret service here" Buck said
" Well they got attacked and we cant find them" The counter said
 Suddenly the phone on the desk was ringing. The accounts picked it up first.
"Hello welcome to the Cal Bank how may I help you" The accounts said
 and he also said that it was for Buck it was some guy named Niko.
"Niko" Buck shouted
 "Hi buck niko I have some news yes your whole account is being stolen and i have some evidence from the attack but you have to go home and then we can talk" said Niko
"Okay" Buck said ill go hame right now.