Bucks first stop to find Sing Mi was the doctors because after action you have to go check if you broke a bone or you are healthy. When Buck got to the doctors he looked at he check up list and he did not find Sing Mi, he might have pretended to be someone else himself as someone else . Buck had to think of what to do then he came up with a idea so he went to the Doctor and he asked if he saw anyone with allot of injuries, the Doctor said that
"He saw someone with allot of scrapes and a couple broken bones"
 "Cane you tell me his name" Buck said
 "He said his name was Sing Mi and he said that he was going to the great wall of china he told m not to tell anyone OH WAIT!"
 Then Buck paralyze him and knocked him out then Buck used the Doctors phone and called Niko to meet him at the Great wall of China.

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