Buck and Niko met at the great wall and they went on a camel in search for Sing Mi. Buck and Niko have been in the blazing sun for hours and no sight of Sing Mi! When Niko had to use the washroom he saw a person with a logo on his shoulder and it said Ninja Worrier Assault, when
Niko came out he said to "Follow that guy in the black kung fu shirt ill explain on the way"
 Niko explained everything after fowling the guy they found themselves near a Dojo. When they got inside secretly Buck and Niko went to the changing room and they saw a ripped ninja costume hanging on the rack. Buck and Niko had to get a closer look so they went to the training room and saw fling ninjas. Buck and Niko found a secret hatch under the place that they were standing on while standing on that they heard some chinese people talking in Mandarin. Niko could understand some chinese but not all the main thing that he heard was to
"Go to the coldest place in china with the rocky mountains and the snow capsule" said Niko

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