When Niko finished saying that Sing Mi had to go to the snow capsule Buck went back outside of the Dojo, then hoped on a camel.
Niko asked "Where are you going"
"Im going to the snow capsule and I have to go alone on this one, I will follow Sing Mi and find my money" said Buck
"It will be dangerous, becarfull" said Niko
"I know just go back home and I will be back" said Buck
Buck started his journey first he went to the end of the village to get some lunch. After that he got some new clothes for hiking and freezing weather he also got a first aid kit some food and some supplies because Buck knew he was going to be away for like a week. Buck started to climb up the mountain and his compass said that he had to go north-west and he followed that direction and he ended up near a cave so he went inside to camp so he set a fire and a tent then went to sleep. When it was morning Buck cleaned up everything and it was like 6 hours before he got to a capsule and inside that capsule was a button. Buck pressed the button and then popped open a secret hole in the ground. Buck went under it and followed a tunnel and then Buck was in a dead end and found a map.

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