When Buck took a close look at the map he could see that there were 2 more tunnels, he was estimating that it would be like a 2 mile hike per tunnel. That was all he could really see on the map, the first tunnel was a little dangerous because there were polar bears in that tunnel, he decided to camp for the night because he thought that it was going to be long before he went back home. When it was night Buck took some medicine, sat by the fire, ate some food, the last thing Buck did was go to sleep. Buck had some trouble sleeping because it was so cold that night, he could also hear the hollows of the cave. When it was morning Buck ate some breakfast and cleaned up the tent and burned out the fire. He followed the map more and then he was out of the mountain. Buck was thinking if the tunnel was underground, Buck was right because the map looked like the tunnel went under the mountain . Buck could see a plane in the distance that was not flying he was thinking

"SING MI" Buck thought in a angry voice

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